A popular automatic system that customers are choosing at the moment is the Zodiac EXO IQ Pro system that takes care of producing sanitiser, monitoring the level and adjusting output as required and it also monitors the pH and adds acid as required.

Features of this model include:

Salt or mineral switcher – just choose from the menu

Use normal pool salt or mineral salts to create chlorine and keep your pool water healthy and sanitised at all times

Pool cover mode

Allows you to connect an automatic pool cover that will automatically drop the output to your desired level without having to do a thing.

iAquaLink enabled

Features a built-in WiFi chip that allows you to monitor and control remotely, for complete control at your fingertips anytime, anywhere

Automated water chemistry control

Monitors and manages your basic water parameters, keeping pH levels in balance and perfectly regulated. The eXO also features automated chlorine management via a commercial grade ORP sensor

Smart temperature sensor

Automatically regulates output in cold water which prevents excessive wear and tear on your cell, helping to reduce costs.


Here is a photo of one we installed this morning