Hold on to your boardies, here are the top five biggest pools in the world:

Lounging by the poolside, sipping a Pina Colada, and watching the little one’s swim takes on a whole new meaning when alongside one of the biggest pools in the world. Created by architects who clearly believed that size does matter, these swimming pools are engineering feats and aquatic marvels to say the least.

1 – Crystal Lagoon, Egypt

Literally set in the middle of a desert, Crystal Lagoon was built as part of the Sharm-el-Sheikh Tourist Development and was opened in 2015. The 6-acre lagoon has the title of the Guinness World Records World’s Biggest Pool and cost the developers nearly $7million to create.  Swimmers, wind surfers and even boaters enjoy this expanse of aquamarine perfection. The developers created the pool with the surrounding community and environment in mind, with the desalinated water from the pool being made available to the surrounding communities to use.

2 – San Alfonso de Mar, Chile

Created in 2006, the swimming pool at the San Alfonso de Mar Resort was originally considered the world’s largest until Crystal Lagoon stole the title. The pool sprawls out in front of the resort, and is approximately the length of 20 Olympic swimming pools put together. The pool uses water from the surrounding ocean, which is cleaned and made ‘swimming-pool ready’. It took the developers five years to build and cost in the region of $4.5million.

3 – MahaSamutr, Thailand

Intertwined amongst the luxury villas of exclusive country club, MahaSamutr, this pool is literally big enough to sail around in. The pool spans 1 158 000 square kilometres and is 2.4 metres deep at its deepest point. Like Crystal Lagoon, the developers of MahaSamutr treat the pool water and make it accessible for the residents of the club to use.

4 – Las Brisas, Chile

2.2 hectares of azure beauty, the pool at Las Brisas spans 16 Olympic sized swimming pools in length and is 3m at its deepest. 45 million litres of purified sea water is pumped through the pool or lagoon every day. Water lovers enjoy swimming, paddle skiing and even scuba diving in the pool.

5 – Laguna Bahia, Chile

Clearly the Chileans have something about creating large pools! Not only do they take 2nd and 4th place in the world’s largest pool list, but take 5th as well. Situated right behind San Alfonso de Mar, Laguna Bahia is San Alfonso’s ‘smaller’ cousin. Spanning 45 720 square meters, this swimming pool might be small in comparison but is still breathtakingly vast. It meanders through the resort and residents can wind surf and even stand-up paddle board through its waters too.

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