Customers frequently choose this brand of chlorinator, as they have had experience with it over many years. It was originated by Monarch Pool Systems and then taken over by Davey around 10 years ago and it has continued to be a very popular and reliable model here in Western Australia.


Models available:

  ModelChlorine Gas Production (g/hr 100%)Calcium Hypochlorite (g/hr 65% equivalent)Reverse PolaritypH ControlTime ClockLightMaximum Pool Size (Litres)
Cool Climates <25°CTemperate Climates 25°C to 30°CHot & Tropical Climates >30°C
MCS16C16 25YesoptionYes80,00050,00035,000
MCS16CT16 25Yes optionYesYes80,00050,00035,000
MCS24C24 37Yes optionYes120,00075,00055,000
MCS24CT24 37Yes optionYesYes120,00075,00055,000
MCS36C36 55Yes optionYes180,000112,00080,000
MCS50C50 67.5Yes optionYes250,000200,000160,000