Installation this morning of an Onga Pentair Pantera Series II P25 40mm with 40mm MPV. This replaced the existing Onga Pantera 25 filter the customer had previously which had lasted them around 20 years.

Some tips when installing this filter

1. Locate the filter system as close to the pool as practical.

2. Place the filter on a level stable foundation, preferably a concrete pad or paving.

3. Position all equipment to provide ease of access for future servicing.

4. Protect the filter and pump from weather and direct sunlight by ensuring that they are properly housed if possible as then your fittings will last longer

5. Ensure there is sufficient space to provide adequate ventilation to electric pump motor.

6. Clean a new pool as well as possible before filling pool and operating filter.

7. Ensure pump is compatible with filter specifications and email us if you are unsure of this with the pump details and we can advise you