A customer approached us with some specific requirements after they had done a lot of research on replacing their old pool equipment. They were looking for good quality equipment that was reliable, they specifically didn’t anything too technical that uses blue tooth for example, they required something easily set up using mineral salts and normal pool salt, an energy saving pump that wouldn’t break the bank, and a reliable good quality sand filter with glass media that would give the best warranty for the item with parts that would be available easily in the future. After looking through a large range they decided on the Zodiac TRI-XO Mid salt chlorinator which runs well with mineral salts, the Davey PM ECO, a 3 speed pump and a Davey DCC2540 sand filter that has a 10 year tank warranty and 3 year MPV warranty.

Whenever you talk with us in store or on the phone, we will listen to what your priorities are and ensure we offer you the most suitable equipment that fits your budget. This customer had found that most times when talking to others they had told them what to buy and not listened to their quite simple but specific requirements.