Aquatight Solar Controller
Aquatight Solar Controller

Aquatight Solar Controller


Aquatight Solar Controllers are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure long-term reliable performance.

Make an Aquatight controller the heart of your solar pool heating system.

  • Maximises heating capacity
  • Easy operation
  • Australian made
  • Superior digital technology
  • 3 year warranty

All V2 & V7 models have the following features:

  • Auto sampling – Automatically monitors water temperature to ensure the best heat gain
  • Winter Mode – for off-season maintenance. IT runs the system briefly the same time each day in winter to maintain the best efficiency of the equipment.
  • Solar Lock-out – automatically limits the pool being overheated
  • Tropical Mode – allows the cooling of overheated water in tropical regions
  • Digital Temperature Sensors – premium sensors allow the best accuracy, reliability and longevity
  • Self Diagnostic Programme – helps diagnose, identify and locate faults within your system to make it easier to correct and repair them.
  • Battery Back-up – maintains all settings for easy operation in the event of a power failure or power surge
  • Australian Made – manufactured to the highest standards for Australian Conditions.

Aquatight Solar Controllers come in a range of models including:
Model V2 – Standard unit for new solar installations
Model V4 – incorporates dual power outlets for retro-fit installations
Model V5 – Dual power outlets & timeclock for retro-fit
Model V7 – Wireless roof sensor, dual power outlets and timeclock

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