Astralpool Rolachem RC1 Doser


  • Reduces the amount of sanitiser used when dosing by hand
  • Keep your pool at a consistent / balanced level
  • Simple and easy to install

To keep your pool algae and bacteria free doesnt have to be a daily task. The RC1 chemical dosing systems is a semi automatic sanitiser or acid dosing pump with an adjustable dosing volume. This chemical doser adjusts the daily volume of pH adjuster or sanitiser according to your average requirements. Available in a wide range of sizes for any application


Model No.RC1 0/1RC1 0/5RC1 0/20RC1 5/0RC1 20/1RC1 100/0
Pool Coverage
Litres of pH adjuster per hour0.02-0.20.1-0.90.8-3.0
Max RPM for a pH adjuster pump1529
Pool size80,000L240,000L750,000L80,000L240,000L750,000L
Litres of sanitiser per hour0.1-0.90.8-3.03.0-15
Max RPM for a sanitiser Pump5


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