Pool Clear Platinum Saltwater Chlorinator

  • LED Display Showing Chlorine Output
  • Easy Installation
  • Reverse Polarity Self Cleaning cell
  • Touch Pad Controls
  • Adjustable Chlorine Output Control
  • 20g/hour Chlorine Eq Production to suit most sized pools (up to 60,000L in mid climates)




The Platinum Series Saltwater Chlorinator cuts down on maintenance by working on the principle of reverse polarity. This means that the  electrode basically cleans itself, all you have to do is check your electrode every once  in a while and clean if necessary. This gives you more free  time to enjoy  your pool knowing  that your  pool is safely sanitised.

How does a Salt Chlorinator work?

Chlorine is the  proven way to destroy bacteria, viruses and algae in a pool. The Pool Clear Platinum Series Saltwater Chlorinator produces its own chlorine when mildly salty water is passed through the  electrolytic Salt Cell (salt is made up of two  elements- sodium and chloride). This 100% chlorine dissolves instantly and goes to work immediately safely sanitising the  pool water, allowing you to enjoy  the pool rather than adding chemicals.

Pool Clear Platinum Saltwater Chlorinator 20g – this model is discontinued

Current model that will replace this model is the Zodiac Ei2-25

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