Waterco Electrochlor 30A Self Cleaning LCD


  • LCD diagnostic display

•   Precision chlorine production

•   Super chlorination function

•   In built pump protection

•   Advanced 7 day timer

•   Self cleaning, long life titanium electrolytic cell


Advanced Programming:

Programme the chlorinator timer to turn on or off at any time that suits your lifestyle. 7 Day timer allows for settings on week days, weekends, any day or every day operation. 3 timer settings are available. You can program the Electrochlor for extra chlorination during the weekends and less chlorination during weekdays.
Pool Monitor:

Electrochlor’s power pack has an inbuilt:
• Salt level indicator
• Chlorine production indicator
Pump Protection:

If no water flow is detected in the salt cell, Electrochlor automatically switches off the pump to prevent any damage to the pump and pool equipment. Indicators will start blinking on the LCD panel to alert the pool owner,
until the fault is rectified.
Battery Back Up:

A Battery backup is incorporated to save your settings in the event of a power failure. A battery link is provided to maximise battery life.

Long Life Salt Cell:

The Electrochlor’s salt cell consists of a series of titanium electrodes with opposite charges. Electrochlor’s clear salt cell housing allows visual inspection of the salt cell plates and enables monitoring of chlorine production.



Is there a difference between ‘salt chlorinator’ chlorine and ‘normal’ chlorine? A salt chlorinator makes chlorine the same way a chlorine factory does. The difference is that it is manufactured in your pool. Liquid chlorine is approximately 12.5% pure, whereas Electrochlor’s chlorine is 100% pure.

Will I ever need to add standard pool chlorine again?

From time to time it may become necessary to add some chlorine to the pool. This may be due to heavy rain or if the chlorine level needs to be shocked back up.

Does the salt damage pool equipment?

No. Low levels of salt have relatively insignificant corrosive effects on pool fittings and equipment.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! After installing your salt chlorinator, you simply add the recommended amount of salt to your pool and choose your desired chlorine level. How much salt will I need? 1 kg of salt in 1,000 litres of water raises the salt level by 1,000ppm. If you have no salt in the pool and want to aim for 4500ppm you would need to add 45kg per 10,000L of water.


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Titanium cell 2 years + 3 years pro rata Power Pack 2 years