Waterco R80 Floor Robotic Pool Cleaner

$799.00 $699.00 (including GST)

R80 is the next generation of pool cleaners.

Independent to your pool’s pump and filter system, R80 is self-driven by an internal motor.

Replicating your pool’s filtration system, R80 vacuums in water, dirt and debris via an internal pump and filters the water via its filtration system.

No installation, hoses or additional equipment is required, just turn it on and it will vacuum and clean your pool’s floor within two hours.

Key features:

Intelligent navigation, ensuring enhanced pool coverage. 2 motors: 1 x direct drive motor providing high torque, efficiency and turns easily & 1 x internal pump that vacuums in water, dirt and debris. Operates on 80 watts of power. 1 x sets of continuous traction wheels to enhance pool coverage & performance. Operates for 2 hours ensure complete pool floor coverage. Wide cleaning path. Suitable for vinyl liner, fibreglass, tile and concrete residential pools up to 4.3m x 8.5m.

1 year warranty.

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