Zodiac EL35 Salt Water Chlorinator

EL-Series Salt Chlorinator
  • Built in Timers
  • Low Maintenance
  • Adustable Chlorine Output
  • Suits Most Pools


Built tough but simple and easy to use

Designed and manufactured here in Australia to tackle our harsh environment, Zodiac’s EL-Series chlorinators are built tough but are simple and easy to use.
The durable design and robust materials means you will get years of life from your EL-Series chlorinator.


Built In Timers

Built in clock and timers allow you to set up your pool filtration and chlorination on a regular system, so you don’t need to worry.


Low Maintenance

The low maintenance reverse polarity electrode has been designed to clean itself and provide years of hardworking and performance.


Adjustable Chlorine Output

The chlorine output selector allows you find the most suitable output for your pool and only adjust it with the seasons.


Suits Most Pools

Comes in two sizes to handle most pool sizes in most climates. The 25G suitable for common sized pools in the milder climates and the 35G designed for the hotter and more tropical areas or larger pools.

Model No.EL-25EL-35
Pool Coverage
Cell Output25 gram/hour35 gram/hour
Plumbing Size40-50mm40-50mm
Recommended Operating Salinity6000ppm6000ppm
Max size cool climate80,000L120,000L
Max size hot climate40,000L75,000L


Packaging Content

1 x Power Pack

1 x Reverse Polarity Cell

2 x 50 Barrel Unions

2 x 50-40mm Reducers

1 x Owners Manual

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