Zodiac MX8 Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner

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The Zodiac MX8 is ready to battle your pool’s toughest dirt and debris. The dual cyclonic suction enables the MX8 to move faster and deliver unsurpassed vacuum power, while requiring 30% less flow. Its ultra efficient design requires less flow than any cleaner in its class for maximum energy savings. Best choice for solar, 2-speed, and variable-speed pumps.

It has a wider cleaning path than competitor models. It’s cleaning technology promotes maximum torque and extreme maneuverability, allowing the MX8 to aggressively clean your pool walls and floors. Its twist locking hose enables quick, secure attachment to the cleaner head and the cleaner includes12 metres of hose.

The new Flow Regulator Valve (FRV) assists the MX8 in running at optimal performance, the FRV will bypass excess water in high flow conditions

The cyclonic leaf eater can be added as an option to allow the cleaner to deliver maximum suction power with no extra strain on pump and it offers easy control and maintenance with less frequent debris removal.

The package includes:

• 1 x MX8 cleaner body

• 12 x 1m lengths of Zodiac genuine Twist & Lock™ hoses, including the leader hose with float

• 1 x AD flow valve

• 1 x 90 Degree Elbow

• 1 x universal weir cuff

• 1 x Flow Regulator Valve

• 1 x warranty card

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Product Specifications:

Hydraulic Suction - mechanical Installation To the skimmer box with AD Flow Valve. Hose length 12 x 1. Suitable for Inground & above ground pools.