Zodiac Z300 MD5, M7 & MD8 Heat Pumps


Why use a heap pump, isn’t solar more efficient? 
Although a solar heater will receive all its heat energy from the sun this is only truly effective on sunny days and they may struggle to reach temperature on cloudy or unseasonably cold days. This is where a heat pump can have a real advantage as a heat pump will draw heat from the ambient temperature even in cooler weather.

Doesn’t a heat pump use a lot of energy? 
Certainly not. Although a heat pump requires electricity to operate it draws over 80% of its heat energy from the air and it does this even though it may feel cool. Drawing heat from the ambient air temperature and using principles similar to a reverse cycle air conditioner, the Z200 then heats the pool water.

Z300 Range

The Zodiac Z300 pool heater range is suitable for most domestic pools and feature models that have the ability to cool as well as heat your pool. It is Zodiac’s latest range of pool heaters and it includes lots of user friendly features. The Zodiac Z300 is the best heating product for pools up to 70,000litres, in all climates across Australia, and has the potential to provide “all year round swimming” when used with a thermal blanket.

ModelsZ300 MD5Z300 M7Z300 MD8
Max recommended pool volume (m3)506070
Usage TypeHeating and CoolingHeating OnlyHeating and Cooling
Power Input (kW)
Performance output at air 28C/water 28C/Humidity 80%
Heating Capacity (kW)1416.120.5
Technical Information
Ave. Water Flow Volume (LPM)83100108
Water Connection Unions PVC dia.50mm50mm50mm
Electrical ConnectionSingle phase 240V/50HzSingle phase 240V/50HzSingle phase 240V/50Hz
Nominal Intensity (A)101316
Maximum Intensity (A)14.516.122
Recommended Elec. Protection (A)162025
Noise Rating (dB)404040
Net/Gross Weight (kg)636881
Net Unit Size (L/W/H)(mm)W950 x H840 x D465W950 x H840 x D 465W950 x H840 x D 465


Products available in the Z300 Range:

  • Z300 MD5: Suitable for pools up to 50,000L*(heat/cool function)
  • Z300 M7: Suitable for pools up to 60,000L* (does not come with heat/cool)
  • Z300 MD8: Suitable for pools up to 70,000L* (heat/cool function)

*based on a warm humid climate with a thermal cover. Please seek our expert advice to ensure you size the pool heat pump correctly for your requirements by emailing us and we will send you a heat pump form to complete.


Net/Gross Weight (kg)


Soft Start to Cut Down Power Consumption Featuring a new ‘soft start’ to reduce excessive current draw when the unit powers up. This cuts down on power consumption and provides a longer product working life.


Titanium Condenser with Lifetime Warranty All models have a lifetime warranty on the solid titanium condenser. This is regardless of water chemistry or the sanitation method used, now that is peace of mind. All other parts have a 2 year warranty (all commercial applications are 12mth warranty only).

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