More and more customers are choosing Robotic Cleaners for their pool, but is that the right choice for you and your situation?

Firstly there are some things to consider before you decide. The first is, the cost, as Robotic cleaners are more expensive than suction cleaners in general. There are ones that range around $800-1000 and then they go up from there. To get a good one you will likely spend around $1500-$2000.

So assuming the cost is suitable for you then what else do you think to weigh up before investing in a Robotic cleaner for the pool?

Robots are electric cleaners that do a more thorough clean of the pool compared to suction cleaners, but they do not sit in the pool all the time, most are put in once or twice a week and then you remove them once they have finished.



Some advantages of Robotic Cleaners include

  1. They do not rely on your pump and filter system, as they are independent of your pool equipment, this means that the power of your pump, the age of the filter etc does not impact the cleaning of your pool. It also means some people who have suction issues (eg minor leak in pipes) that cannot use a suction cleaner well, can have a clean pool using this system.
  2. Saves you in energy costs. Because you don’t need to run your equipment for additional time to have the suction cleaner clean the pool, you don’t need to run your equipment as many hours in most cases which leaves to large savings
  3. If you have a variable speed pool pump, you can run it on the settings that save you the most power as you don’t need the higher flow rate to run a suction cleaner, this alone can save you hundreds a year which helps pay for the Robot Cleaner purchase
  4. These cleaners are not left in the pool, this is good for the longevity of the parts of the cleaners, as suction cleaners are left in the pool all the time normally and chemicals will wear out the parts quickly.
  5. Most robot cleaners (some do only clean the floor) will clean the walls and clean the walls better than suction cleaners can, keep algae from growing.
  6. They are much better at collecting large debris than suction cleaners, so they are perfect for leafy areas


Once you have made the decision of a Robot Cleaner being the right option for you then begins the process of choosing which one. Please feel welcome to come in store and we can help with showing you the various options. We will ask questions about what debris your pool cleaner will need to collect eg fine or large debris or both and other questions that will help us recommend the best cleaner for your pool given the budget you have decided on for the cleaner.