The right pool pump for your pool

Choosing the right pool pump can save you hundreds of dollars in running costs every year.


Australia is a nation of swimmers, with the most pools per capita in the world. Every year, Australians collectively purchase 90,000 new pool pumps for the one-million-plus pools in our country. The main function of the pool pump is to circulate water through a filter. The pump consists of an electric motor attached to a mechanical pump, which has an impeller rotating inside the pump housing. The efficiency is a measure of how well it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and then into hydraulic energy. 

In households that have a swimming pool, the pool pump is usually the single largest user of electricity, making up around 18% of the household electricity bill.

 Most customers don’t realise that the electricity cost to run a single-speed pump will be a great deal higher each year than purchasing a more energy-efficient pump. While sometimes an upfront payment can be daunting, it will still be far more economic to run a more efficient pump in the long-term. The right pool pump could save you hundreds of dollars each year, so it is well worth comparing the running costs of various options before you make the change.


What does the star rating mean?

The rating scale for pumps is from 1 to 10. Keep in mind – the more stars on the label the more efficient the pool pump. Every star on the label represents a 25% improvement in energy-efficiency. For example, an 8-star energy-saving pump is 43% more efficient than a 6 star rated pump.


Types of pool pumps

Single-speedThese pumps are normally made with an induction motor and can only run on one single speed. Single-speed pumps are typically the least energy-efficient.
Dual-speedDual-speed pumps are also normally made with an induction motor and capable of only two speeds – low and high.
Multiple-speedMultiple-speed pumps are usually still made with an induction motor but are capable of a limited number of fixed speeds, typically three – low, medium and high.
Variable-speedThese pumps are usually made with a permanent electric magnet motor, allowing them to operate at any number of speeds within their range. Variable-speed pumps enable the owner to customize the speed and flow for different applications. These pumps tend to be the most energy-efficient pumps available.


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