Blue Connect Wifi Extender 20264

Astral Blue Connect Extender Wi-Fi Bridge 20264
Blue Extender is a Wi-Fi bridge that allows to use Blue Connect with a Wi-Fi network.
Content of the box:
The Blue Extender casing
The AC adapter (Compatible Europe, USA et Australia)
Precautions for use:
Place the Blue Extender indoors in a dry place.
Keep the Blue Extender out of reach of children.
Do not open the casing.
1. Plug the Blue Extender between the router and the Blue Connect location (the pool or the technical room). The light turns red. Note: During the installation, take the Blue Connect (screwed on its storage cap) close to the Blue Extender.
2. In the app Blue Connect in “Settings” press on “My Blue Extender”.
3. Make sure you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone and press on “Connect my Blue Extender”.
4. Press on the ID of your Blue Extender displayed on the screen of the app. This number is indicated below the device.
5. Choose the Wi-Fi with which you want to use your Blue Extender and enter the FiWi password. If the light is green, the Blue Extender is connected to the Wi-Fi. If the light is red, bring the Blue Extender closer to your router or make sure the correct password has been entered.
6. To verify if the Blue Extender is well positioned and not too far from the Blue Connect, press on the button of the Blue Extender casing. If the light changes from blue to green, that means Blue Extender catches Blue Connect and everything is working well. 2 If the light changes from blue to red, that means Blue Extender is too far from the Blue Connect. Bring the device closer and try again.
7. The procedure is over. Place the Blue Connect in the pool or in the technical room.
After the installation, the Blue Extender is working by itself. It detects the measurements sent by the Blue Connect via the Bluetooth and sends them to the Cloud via Wi-Fi. You will then receive the measurements on your phone or computer.
Colour coding:
Blinking blue: The Blue Extender is searching the Blue Connect.
Blinking green: The Blue Extender attempts to connect to the Wi-Fi to send a measurement.
Static green: Blue Extender is connected to the Wi-Fi. The measurement has been sent.
If the light turns red after green: Connection error via the Wi-Fi network. Check the distance between the Blue Extender and the router. Verify the signal quality and check to have introduced the correct password.
If the light turns red after blue: Connection error to the Blue Connect via Bluetooth. Check the distance between the Blue Extender and the Blue Connect.
Unplug the device and store it in a dry place.
1. Unplug the device.
2. Maintain the button on the upper part of the Blue Extender pressed while plugging the device at the same time. The three lights light up simultaneously. The device is then reset and can be set up again.

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