Premium quality pool filter cartridges for all pools and spas

Best Price Pool Equipment stocks cartridge filters that will keep your pool water clean and clear. Contact Nicole for further information on our affordable selection of filters.

Smooth and simple operation, pool filter cartridges were initially used for smaller pools. However, with the evolution of pools and spas, filters can now be used to keep pools of all sizes and shapes crystal clear. Reduce the effort and pool maintenance with premium quality strong ABS polycarbonate cartridge filters. Fitted with quality DuPont Polyester Elements for many years of service life, our filters are fitted with super tough tanks designed with multiple outlet and inlet options.


Easy to clean, our wide range of Davey, Waterco, Monarch and Zodiac filters offer a range of benefits that make them the ideal product purchase that will make your summer pool parties a blast.

Showing 1–16 of 26 results

Showing 1–16 of 26 results