Waterco Electrochlor Mineral 2500 Chlorinator

Waterco’s Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator makes your pool smarter by automatically taking care of sanitisation, filtration and auxiliary equipment so you don’t have to.





Easy-to-read display screen: a snapshot of your pool’s temperature and everything you need to know about your pool’s current functions are clearly displayed in one place.

Variable speed pump compatibility: automatically changes the speed of your Waterco variable speed pump at the desired cycle if required.

Dual-pump control: control another pump in conjunction with a variable speed pump simultaneously, which means you can operate your in-floor pool cleaning pump or pressure pool cleaner at the same time as your main pool pump.

Actuator control: connect a valve actuator to divert water flow and activate the correct speed on a variable speed pump for your pool’s water feature or for in-floor pool cleaning.

Easily manage auxiliary equipment: switch on and off lights, ozone generators and other auxiliary equipment using a secondary General Purpose Outlet (GPO) which can be activated independently or set in conjunction with other pool equipment.

No water flow detection: Electrochlor is smart enough to detect if there is no flow to the pool and adjusts the speed of a variable speed pump to overcome low water flow. If adequate water flow is not restored, the pump will switch off to prevent potential damage to your pool equipment.

Low chlorine mode: low chlorine production can be easily activated via a pool cover or a pool controller by sending a signal to the chlorinator.

Built-in alarm system: Electrochlor takes the guesswork out of maintaining pool equipment by displaying alarm messages in the event of a malfunction.

A quick troubleshooting: a diagnostic menu helps service technicians quickly identify potential issues.


Energy Saving

Electrochlor uses the latest Switch Mode Power Technology to increase energy efficiency by over 50%, significantly reducing power consumption. Electrochlor draws less current and this translates to high power conversion and less energy wastage, without compromising chlorine output.

Special Features explained

Battery backup power pack

Automatically saves your settings in the event of a power outage.

Pump protection

In case water flow is not detected, Electrochlor protects the pump by shutting it down, and then automatically displays the corresponding alarm.

Salt alarms

If the salt level in the pool water is too low or too high, Electrochlor automatically reduces the output and displays the corresponding alarm. A digital time stamp of high salt levels is also recorded. Electrochlor also monitors the pool’s temperature to eliminate false low salt level readings often attributed to low pool temperatures.

Dual general power outlets (GPO) Two GPOs are included – one for the pool pump and another for a pool light or auxiliary device that needs to be operated under a timer. Note: Please refer to Electrochlor’s technical specifications for the maximum allowable load. Variable speed pump control Easily control a variable speed pump and switch it on and off by connecting it to Electrochlor via a communication cable. Note: This feature is only enable when a Waterco variable speed pump is installed.

Control two pumps

When a Waterco variable speed pump is connected to Electrochlor with a pump control cable, the pump can also be linked to an independent dual general power outlet such as a pressure cleaner pump or in-floor cleaning pump.

Pool water temperature display

A temperature sensor displays pool water temperature on an LCD screen

Super chlorination function

Chorine production is raised to 100% during a 24-hour period to superchlorinate the pool, then returns to its pre-set operating condition once completed.

Spa mode/low chlorine output

This mode reduces chlorine production to 10%, whilst active. Interlocking functions Program, activate and simultaneously control multiple pool equipment such as the control valve, and determine the minimum required water flow for ancillary functions.

Self-cleaning electrolytic salt cell

Reverses the polarity of the voltage to clean calcium build-up off its electrodes. This extends Electrochlor’s lifespan and ensures it operates at maximum efficiency.

Four independent timers

Multiple timers allow you to control the pump, pool light and auxiliary equipment conveniently from one compact unit.

Low-flow condition

In the event of a “no-flow” condition, Electrochlor will compensate by increasing the pump speed. If the “no-flow” condition is resolved, it will maintain the new speed to keep the pool pump running. Note: This feature is only enabled when a Waterco variable speed pump is installed.

Diagnostic menu A comprehensive diagnostic screen allows the pool technician or pool owner to quickly assess Electrochlor’s operational status at any time.


Salinity Level – Operation:

TDS Levels (ppm)

Minimum = 4,000

Optimum = 5,500

Maximum = 6,000 Note:

Low salinity level will reduce the life of the chlorinator cell and lead to low chlorine production


Three Year Warranty for Domestic Use

Electrochlor 3 years Chlorinator cell 3 years Power pack 3 years

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