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Here is a guide for those who want a little more information on which cover to choose.

The thickest covers in the range are the 525 micron covers and these will last longer than the 400 and 250 micron.  This is reflected in the longer warranty.

The 525 micron receives 8 years pro-rata warranty from Daisy (this increases to 10 if you get Daisy to install it for you), while the 400 micron gets 5 years and the 250 micron gets 3 years.

Within the 525 micron range there are 4 choices and they have an 8 year warranty from Daisy (for DIY) or 10 a year (if installed by Daisy). For more information on Daisy’s warranty procedure see warranty info.

Most customers do choose to install themselves.

Titanium Blue 525 or Titanium Green 525 or Traditional Blue 525 or Titanium Cool 525 non-heating

Titanium Blue 525 Daisy Pool CoverTitanium Green 525 Daisy Pool CoverTraditional Blue 525 Daisy Pool CoverTitanium Cool  525 Non Heating Daisy Pool Cover


525TB                               525TG                            525B                               525TC

You can choose from the modern Titanium Blue and Green, which both have a clear layer to help let the sun through for maximum warming of the pool and these suit modern landscapes as they have a silver tone to them. Then there is the traditional translucent blue which has been a long-term favourite for customers due to its attractive medium blue colour. The final choice is the non-heating Titanium Silver Cool Cover designed for warmer climates such as up north of Australia where you want a cover to stop evaporation but to not warm the pool a great deal. The non-heating covers are not used commonly in most areas.

For thinner covers, the colour choice is just the traditional blue and that comes in 400 micron (5 year warranty) and 250 micron thicknesses (3 year warranty)

Traditional Blue 400 or Traditional Blue 250

Traditional Blue 400 Daisy Pool CoversTraditional Blue 250 Daisy Pool Covers


400B                              250B

350 Micron Transparent Cover

How to measure for your Daisy pool cover:

The next step is to measure the pool. Do not be concerned if your pool is an unusual shape, just keep in mind all covers need to be made as a rectangle to start and then you trim them to shape. Daisy provides additional information on their video below.

  1. Measuring your pool is simply a matter of measuring the maximum water level width (W) and length (L) of the main body of water. See illustrations below
  2. Using a tape measure, measure the length (L) and width (W) of your pool
  3. Multiply the L x W to give the square metre figure which you’ll need to calculate the costs of your Daisy pool cover
  4. Daisy will include extra material to allow for upturn and shrinkage, so the exact water level measurements are all that are required
  5. If your pool has steps, measure the step area separately (see below)
  6. If you have a uniquely shaped pool, treat it as rectangular (see below).



If you have a step at the end, Daisy want to know if you are standing at the shallow end of the pool, looking at the pool, is the step on the LHS or RHS? If you have a middle step, you can order online, you just need to order the right amount of metres and then note on your order that you have a middle step and send us a diagram in a separate email so we can send to Daisy showing them where that step is located (how many metres in from each end).




If yoDaisy_Refit_Kitu already have a roller and want to attach the blanket, you can just order a refit kit. It is always offered to customers not ordering a roller (as rollers include a refit kit already).




Daisy Over Cover

To protect your pool cover/ blanket when it is rolled up on the roller, you need a white reflective over cover. You likely already have one if you have a roller but if it has broken

down you may need to order one of these when you go through the order. If you are ordering a roller it will include it so you will not need to order it separately.


Allowances Provided to Allow for Upturn and Shrinkage

MeasureYou only need to measure at the waterline as Daisy do provide a minimum additional 150mm on the width and 300mm on the length of your cover/ blanket to allow for this, so you do not need to include this in your measurement as it is provided at no cost.



To order a pool cover – How long will your order take?


To order a pool cover, we take all orders to ensure no errors are made so you just use the calculator and proceed to the step of ordering when you are happy with your quote. Feel welcome to email us through questions before you place an order, rather than call, as then we can have the right expert answer your enquiry.

Daisy will make your order in around 48 business hours. For local metro deliveries, allow 2-3 days after this for delivery, so within the week you will normally have your new pool cover. For country orders allow 1-2 weeks.If you are getting Daisy to install the cover, we will get Daisy to deliver at the same time and installations normally take 1-2 weeks. The only time this increases is around the Xmas period.

The Daisy ULTRADOME Story


Installing your pool cover

You can install your own Daisy pool cover and roller yourself using Daisy’s installation sheets and videos, or even easier, use one of the Daisy Experts.

Pool Cover Installation

To install your solar pool cover:

  1. Lay the pool cover, bubble side to the water
  2. Flatten out all air bubbles so that the cover sits flat on the water
  3. Using your pool as a template, take a pair of ordinary household scissors (the sharper the better) and with someone holding pool cover in position, cut the edge of the cover so that it sits flat on the water with about 50 – 75mm rising up the side of the pool (but not necessarily to the top edge of the pool).

If required, you can:
A) Cut the pool cover back to waterline, however, wait 2-3 weeks after initial cut for it to settle down.
The pool cover can shrink in the length in the first couple of weeks, so don’t make the initial cut too short.
B) Cut two vertical slits in the cover upturn, either side of your skimmer box, fold the flap you have created into the skimmer box, therefore allowing you to hose debris off the top of the cover into the skimmer box.

Link to Installation Guide https://daisypoolcovers.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Daisy-Warranty-Brochure-2016.pdf

See the Video Below for How to Install

Warranty Information from Daisy


When purchasing a pool blanket please keep in mind no suppliers provide replacement warranties on them, all warranties are pro-rata. Pro-rata means that they provide you with assistance on the replacement cost if your blanket fails earlier than the estimated possible life given if the blanket is looked after as well as it can be. For example if you buy a blanket with an 8 year pro-rata warranty and it lasts you 5 years, Daisy calculate the list price (rrp) and then provide 3/8 discount off that full rrp price for you if you want to replace the blanket with a Daisy blanket.

Factors that will mean you will replace your blanket earlier than others include, how thick is the blanket you choose (thicker the longer it lasts), keeping your chlorine levels always in range (high chlorine levels will damage the bubbles),  and always using your over cover when the blanket is rolled up. As these factors are out of the control of the suppliers, they cannot offer replacement warranties, but what they do offer is assistance to customers whose blankets last less than the maximum life expectancy by providing a discount on a new blanket that becomes progressively less until the end of the maximum life expectancy period. Daisy outlines their warranty information on their website and feel most welcome to call them directly on 1300 551 811 if you have any questions about their warranty.

Here is an example below of a customer who had a blanket that was 8-10 years old and ordered a Daisy 525 micron to replace it and self installed it

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