Evoheat Force Heat Pumps

Evoheat Force Heat Pumps

The Evo Force-i series heat pump is our high performance pool and spa inverter heat pump that provides year round pool heating with the lowest running costs. Designed with the latest stepless full DC inverter compressors, fans, and control systems – all working in perfect harmony to provide optimized heating and cooling with the lowest operating costs. With higher performances, lower noise levels, and more features as standard; the Evo Force-i is the most energy efficient & environmentally friendly year round pool heater available.

  • Extremely energy efficient, C.O.P. up to 16.28
  • Latest full stepless inverter technology
  • Available in 7 models, 9kW to 28kW
  • Heating and cooling capability
  • Built-in timers
  • Easy to use colour LCD touchscreen controller
  • Wi-Fi control
  • Quiet operation
  • Robust ABS cabinet
  • Eco-friendly and safe R32 refrigerant
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Horizontal front discharge air flow
  • Simple installation
  • Sleek design
  • Small footprint, ideal for tight installations
  • Guaranteed stable performance from -15°C air
  • Ideal to work with solar PV panels


The low noise fan blades ensures minimal operating noise which is ideal for you and your neighbours


Evo Force-i series delivers pool heating with exceptional performance, low operating costs & a C.O.P. as high as 16.28 + . Combine your Evo Force-i pool heat pump with a pool blanket &/or your solar PV for the ultimate energy efficient pool heating


Incorporating the latest full inverter technology – including DC stepless compressors, fans, and PC boards; the Force-i range will automatically adjust it’s power and electricity consumption based on the exact requirements of your pool. This ensures your pool reaches the desired temperature faster, and is maintained more efficiently – SAVING YOU ON YOUR HOUSEHOLD ENERGY BILL.


Designed with a cutting edge, intelligent LCD colour touch screen controller, you can maintain your water temperature to within 0.1 of a degree while maximising optimum heater operating performance.


Control your Evo Force-i pool heat pump anytime, anywhere wiht the smart Wi-Fi controller app. Available for iOS and Android, the smart phone controller app offers you an easy and convenient way to monitor and control your pool temperature.


The Force-i series is equipped to automatically heat or cool your pool water based on your set temperature – so you can be sure your pool is always at your desired temperature


Designed with a four-way valve reverse defrost method, the Evo Force-i series provides automatic defrosting and allows the heat pump to work efficiently in ambient air temperatures as low as -15°C.


The bluetech hydrophilic coating on the condenser fins is the latest technology in corrosion protection allowing your heat pump to maintain its high efficiency for many years to come.


The titanium thread heat exchanger ensures maximum heat transfer with the ultimate corrosion resistance, improving the heat transfer efficiency by up to 30% compared to standard heat exchangers.
The Evo Force-i series heat pumps uses eco friendly and safe R32 refrigerant.


Electronic Expansion Valve 2 Technology is the absolute latest and the best possible refrigeration control system available in the market today. This results in higher C.O.P. and improved efficiency of up to 20% compared to other commercial heater brands.
Evo Force-i 9 Evo Force-i 12 Evo Force-i 17 Evo Force-i 19 Evo Force-i 24 Evo Force-i 28-3
Heating capacity kW 9 12 17 19.5 24.2 28.3
Consumed power kW 0.33~1.33 0.18~1.77 0.24~2.52 0.28~3.15 0.35~4.00 0.42~4.64
C.O.P. / 16.13~6.76 16.28~6.79 15.71~6.76 16.16~6.19 16.11~6.05 16.13~6.10
Power supply / 220-240/1/50 220-240/1/50 220-240/1/50 220-240/1/50 220-240/1/50 380-415/3/50
Max current per phase AMPS 9.3 12.1 14.7 18.7 24.1 11.7 per phase
Connection type / 10amp 15amp hard wired hard wired hard wired hard wired
Fan quantity / 1 1 1 1 2 2
Fan speed RPM 400-800 400-800 500-750 500-900 400-800 400-900
Noise dB(A) at 1M dB(A) 40-50 42-52 44-53 46-56 46-57 48-58
Noise dB(A) in silence mode at 1M dB(A) 40 42 44 45 46 48
Refrigerant gas / R32 R32 R32 R32 R32 R32
PVC water connection mm 40 40 40 40 40 40
Water flow volume L/M 60 80 90 110 150 160
Water pressure drop kPa 4 4.5 5 6 11 15
Net dimensions L/W/H mm 1046/453/768 1046/453/768 1161/490/862 1161/490/862 1161/490/1274 1161/490/1274
Net weight kg 52 58 69 90 111 120
*Heating: 27°C air / water 26°C / humid 80% * The data above is based on the EVO heat pump only, it does not include auxiliary devices. Product specification information provided above is correct at the date of printing, this data may change without notice.
Warranty 1 year
Max Flow Rate
Sand Required
Multi port Valve
Output Watts
Energy Efficient C.O.P. up to 16.28
Chlorine Output
Self Cleaning
Pool Size
Flow rate
Heat Capacity

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