Daisy Pool Rollers

Having a Pool Blanket or Cover Roller is essential to the life and proper use of a  Pool Cover. It takes around 30 seconds to roll the cover off or back onto the pool water using a swimming pool roller. Using a hand roller or a simple click of a button, Daisy pool cover rollers make it easy.

Why a swimming pool roller?
Manually handling a pool cover will subject it to knocks and scrapes that would not occur if it is properly rolled up onto a roller. Most people who have tried to use a cover without a roller very quickly realise the advantages it offers.

The Daisy range of pool rollers is one of the largest in Australia. From the more cost-effective to the chic powered roller systems, they have the right roller to suit your swimming pool’s needs.

Extensive pool roller range

Daisy has a large range of 5 star and entry level pool cover rollers to suit most pool sizes and shapes. The list is below and as you scroll over the pictures the type of roller will be shown.

All rollers come with an attachment/ refit kit and an over cover.

Budget Range of Rollers (5 year pro-rata warranty)

  • UTC Buddy for Small Pools

Daisy Budget UTC Buddy Roller for Small Pools

  • UTC 75


Premium Quality Range of Rollers (10 year pro-rata warranty)

  • A Series

Daisy 5 Star A75 Roller

  • 5 Star SQ

Daisy 5 Star SQ Roller

  • 5 Star ST

Daisy 5 Star ST Roller

5 Star MK II Directionally Mobile

Daisy 5 Star Mark II Roller

  • 5 Star Low Profile Mobile

Daisy 5 Star Low Profile LP Wide Mobile Roller

  • 5 Star Fully Mobile

Daisy 5 Star FM Fully Mobile Roller

  • AGA for above ground Pools. The std goes up to 4.6m tube width but email us if you need a larger model.

Daisy 5 Star AGA Roller for Above Ground Pools

Daisy Power Electric Roller

  • ST or SQ models. Please see us in store for advice on these rollers.


New Under Bench Roller Systems


  • Available in three modern colours, the aluminium or wood-look finishes, the Under Bench Roller combines practicality with style to transform your pool roller into useful seating. Please see us in store for advice on these rollers

What are the Dimensions of the RollersDaisy-Roller-Dimensions

Installing Your Pool Roller

See the Video Below for How to Install

To install the 5 Star Rollers use this guide


To install the UTC Rollers use this guide


Warranty Information from Daisy