Elite Solar Pool Blankets

While the sun heats your pool, the wind sets up convection currents that steal the same heat at an alarming rate. Every square centimetre of your pool’s surface gives up heat to the wind by evaporation. The stronger the wind, the greater the heat loss. Evaporation alone accounts for 60% of the heat loss from your pool. Another 30% of the loss radiates into the air from the water surface and 10% goes into the ground.

How do I get a quote on an Elite Pool Cover?

Come in store to us at 211 Stirling Hwy Claremont or phone us on 0412 561 620 or email Nicole at nicole@bppe.com.au and we can assist you with quoting you on a premium Elite Pool Cover or roller

How Will an Elite Solar Pool Blanket Help?

Elite Super Bubble Blankets are proven to be the best heating blankets available. When you get one installed on your pool, you can ensure longer swimming seasons in warmer water. An Elite Super Bubble Blanket will keep your water in, keep the heat in and keep the chemicals in your pool, saving you money. Of course, with a cover that keeps debris out, you can also spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it.

What Makes the Elite Solar Pool Blanket Different

The Elite Super Bubble Ultra Heat Deep Colour Blankets are proven to heat better than standard pool blankets thorough smart design, including:

  • Larger bubble sizes, making it the best insulating round bubble blanket available
  • Thickness of 550 micron (compared to common thicknesses of 300-500 micron)
  • Darker colours that heat better than lighter colours, giving you a warmer pool and a longer swimming season

Elite Super Bubble Solar Blankets are salt-safe and chlorine safe and will out-last other round bubble blankets due to their thickness and bubble design.

Elite Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket


  • Elite Triple Cell® is = to 3 standard round bubbles. The more contact with the water = better heating, better insulation and the pool stays warmer for longer…that’s Elite Triple Cell®
  • With Traditional Bubble, performance is reduced due to the shaped “dead zone” between the bubbles not being in contact with the water
  • Elite is proud to lead the world in pool blanket technology, made in Australia and exported to the world
A close-up of the two sizing and colour options for a triple cell solar pool blanket
Elite Triple Cell Infograph