Australia has a household pool ownership per capita with 1.1 million household swimming pools. In households with a swimming pool or spa, the pump is usually the largest user of electricity, making up about 18% of the electricity bill.

There are different types of swimming pool pumps and selecting the right pump for your needs is important. Over its lifetime, a pool pump will use a lot of electricity. If you own a single speed pump, electricity will cost much more than the initial purchase price of the pump. You can save money on your electricity bill by buying a more energy efficient pump, even if it costs more up front.

When choosing a pool pump,  the more stars on the label, the more efficient the pump.

The rating scale for pump units is from 1 to 10. Every star on the label represents a 25% improvement in efficiency, so a 7 star pump will be up to 25% more energy efficient than a 6 star pump, and an 8 star pump will be up to 43% more efficient than a 6 star pump.

Many pump-units also report noise levels on the label. A quiet pump will be appreciated by you and your neighbours, especially if you run your pump at night to take advantage of off-peak tariffs.

Types of Pool Pumps

Single Speed PumpsThese pumps are typically made with an induction style electric motor and are capable of only a single speed.
Dual SpeedThese pumps are typically made with an induction style electric motor and are capable of only two speeds.
Multiple SpeedGenerally, these pumps are made with an induction style electric motor but are capable of a number of fixed speeds. During installation, the installer will set the pump to a preferred speed often taking into consideration the recommended speed in the manufacturers brochure.
Variable SpeedThese pumps are generally made with permanent electric magnet motors allowing them capability to operate at any number of speeds within their range. This capability is provided through the attachment of a variable speed drive controller and allows the pump owner to customise the programming of speed and flow for different applications of use.

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