Pool Blankets/Covers & Rollers

It has taken us a few years to perfect, but we developed the online calculator to quote pool covers and rollers on our website, to enable us to give you the lowest possible price but you may have some questions and most of those will be answered below.

What pool cover blanket or cover do you recommend?

If you would like my own advice on the type of blanket, I suggest a 525 micron if possible as they last a lot longer. The colour though is just personal preference. The warranty given by Daisy is 8 years (or 10 if they install it). All blankets get a pro-rata warranty.

Do I need to measure extra on pool cover measurements to allow for upturn?

No. Daisy will give you at least 15cm extra (150mm) on the width and 30cm extra (300mm) on the length to allow for shrinkage and upturn so you only need to provide the inline water measurements.

Will all the pool covers warm the pool?

They are all solar covers (so will warm the water if in the sun) except the titanium cool/ silver and that one is recommended for very hot climates (eg up north of WA if you find the pool is in sun and gets too warm with a solar blanket).

What roller type do you recommend?

For rollers, the UTC are economical but of course very light weight and not as sturdy. The 5 Star is very good quality and then the type of 5 Star is just personal preference. Some are lower to the ground which some people prefer as it is more streamline and others are higher so they are easier to bend down to. Some of course have wheels like the LP and FM that have lockable castor wheels or the MKII has just one wheel on one end only and can be moved in one direction only.

How will I order a refit kit or over cover with my order?

The quote will take you step by step to quote what you need. If you only order a blanket it will offer you a refit kit and over cover at one step (simply as they are not part of the blanket, they come with rollers). It will ask you if you want installation and quote that if required.

What if my step on the side of the pool is not at the end of the pool?

If you find you have an unusual pool with a step in the middle or more than one step, as long as you get a quote for the right number of metres, you can order it and then note on the areas where it asks for notes, that you are going to send a diagram in a separate email. As long as you have ordered the right number of metres, we can then attach the diagram to our order to Daisy for you.

How long will my order take to arrive from Daisy?

Daisy normally take around 3-6 working days from time of order until time of delivery in the metro area, this will increase closer to Xmas. For country deliveries allow a few days longer.

How long will it take for Daisy to install my cover if I get it installed?

Daisy normally take 1-2 weeks from time of order until time of delivery and installation. This can take longer during the December/ January period.

How much is delivery?

Daisy now charge a flat rate of $25 per delivery everywhere, so no matter where you are or how many items you get it is just the one $25 charge.

Do I need an over cover?

Yes, you do need to protect your blanket when it is rolled up on the roller. If you are ordering a roller, the over cover will come free. If you are just ordering a cover you can use your existing over cover or if it has broken down, then you will be offered an over cover in the ordering process. The only extra information we need is the size of the roller tube in metres so they can make it large enough.

Can I order a refit kit separately?

Yes, that is available on our website, just type ‘refit kit’ in the search bar and the item will come up and you can order it online

What is the warranty of the pool covers?

The thickest 525 micron blankets get 8 years warranty (or 10 if Daisy install). The 400 micron get 5 years and the 250 micron get 3 years. All pool covers get a pro-rata warranty.

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