Assessment Fee for Repair

$99.00 (including GST)

For most products we are able to send them into the supplier when they are out of warranty and get a full assessment and quotation done for you on what is wrong with the product and what it would cost to repair it. Please email me first with the item you would like an assessment done on and I can confirm this for you.

Once you have emailed me then you can just purchase the $99 assessment and pay by paypal or credit card and we will organise for you. To get the item to the supplier, we will offer you either to drop it into us at our pool shop (packed in a box ready for a courier to collect) or in some cases we will also offer you the option of dropping it direct to the supplier (then no special packing is required and it also speeds it up for you).

The charge is non refundable as even if you don’t proceed with the repair, they charge for their time taken to do a full assessment on the item. It does however get deducted from any repair that proceeds, this covers them for their time in either case.

Please mention in the notes what product you are having assessed and if you prefer to take it into the supplier or pack it and bring it into us. We will liaise with you by email (and or phone) to arrange it all for you.

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