Robotic Cleaner Assessment Fee for Repair

$149.00 (including GST)

We have a specialist robotic cleaner technician come to the shop twice a week to collect cleaners that customers want assessed and quoted for repairs. You are welcome to pay this online and then have someone drop into our shop at 211 Stirling Highway Claremont with your name, email address and phone number and we will have it collected, fully assessed and email you a written quote for the technician to repair.


We use a technician who has been repairing them for over 20 years, we do not use our own staff as this process needs someone who is an expert on repairing robotic cleaners. We can also quote you a new cleaner so you can compare first.

Always feel welcome to email me questions first about robotic cleaners or likely costs involved, as often if I know the symptoms and age of the unit I have a good idea of what the costs are likely to be.


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