Astral Hurlcon ZX 100 generic L=495mm D=230mm HD=75mm

$149.00 (including GST)

High Quality Generic Replacement to suit Astral Hurlcon ZX 100 Premium Polyester Element

These also suit the Aquatight E100 Cartridge Filters


Product SKU5019032D
Product GTIN6953569890701
Product TypeCartridge Filter Element
Hole Diameter75mm


Cleaning your Cartridge Filter

  • Take-out cartridge and hose filter elements to remove any loose debris.
  • Add 250g of a filter cleaner product to 50L of water in a garbage bin (or similar).
  • Place the filter elements in to diluted product solution.
  • Allow to soak for 24 hours for best results.
  • Rinse thoroughly and reassemble filter, then resume normal filtration.

Dosage rates indicated are a guide only.  Please refer to the label for further instructions and come in store for professional advice.

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