ESC 24/36/48

Chloromatic Genuine Self Cleaning ESC 24/36/48 Cell

$449.00 (including GST)

Genuine Chloromatic ESC 24/36/48 cell Suits Chloromatic ESC 24, ESC 36, ESC 48 and MCS24C, MSC36C systems

Full 3 year warranty from Davey (not pro-rata)

This cell used to be white in colour (the shroud was white, it is not black, as Davey have strived to improve it and allow the water to flow over the parts better).

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Cleaning Your Davey Chloromatic Cell

Turn off the chlorinator unit. Remove all leads connected to the Head Assembly. Unscrew the Cell by turning the Head Assembly clockwise – as per instruction manual, and withdraw from the Cell Housing

METHOD 1 Add 1 part HYDROCHLORIC ACID to 10 parts WATER in a suitable container carefully and immerse the Cell in this solution. It should not take longer than a few minutes to clean, if it does the Cell should be cleaned more frequently. If the build – up is not excessive it may be possible to clean the cell plates with a jet of running water. Return the Cell to its Housing and connect leads to the Head Assembly.

METHOD 2 As an alternative, an approved commercial Cell cleaning solution can be used a number of times effectively.

RECOMMENDED SALT LEVEL RANGE for your pool water: 4500 – 6000ppm

Low salt levels will destroy the coating on the Anode plates and you mean you need to replace your cell more often


Davey Chloromatic Note:

ALWAYS INSIST ON GENUINE CHLOROMATIC REPLACEMENT PARTS. If it is necessary to replace the Electrolytic Cell, beware of “look alikes”. Only the Genuine ChloroMatic Cell is designed and warranted to operate with the ChloroMatic Power Supply.

Please note we supply genuine quality Davey cells only

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