Davey PM ECO 3 Speed


We have the very popular Energy Saving 8 Star Power Master Eco PumpUnknown from Davey on sale



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The variable speed PMECO pump, allows you to switch and program speeds between ECO Flow (low speed) for pool filtration, Medium Flow for pool cleaning and High Flow for applications such as backwashing.

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Features Programmable – Allows for fully programmable speed options between Eco, Mid and High Flow speeds, so you can maximise the efficiency.

Low Emissions – 8 Star energy efficiency rating, low emissions and even lower energy usage.

Lower Noise Levels – allowing you to run your pump at any time of day or night.

Davey Dependability Davey build in their latest brushless DC motor technology, so the PowerMaster® ECO series offers you the reliability you have come to expect from all Davey products.

3 Year Guarantee Peace of mind from an Australian owned, designed and engineered pool pump.

Operation Recommended Speed Setting

Pool filtration Eco Flow

Automatic pool cleaner operation Mid Flow

Backwashing your media filter High Flow Manually cleaning your pool Water feature operation Spa jet operation Solar pool heating

Motor Input Power (W / hp)                  Motor Output Power (W / hp)

Eco Flow – 165W / 0.22 hp                   Eco Flow – 127W / 0.17 hp

Mid Flow – 677W / 0.91 hp                   Mid Flow – 521W / 0.70 hp

Hi Flow – 99W / 1.49 hp                       Hi Flow – 853W / 1.14 hp






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