Waterco Britestream Multi Colour LED Mark IV REP Light

Britestream Multi-coloured LED light can produce a multitude of different colours without the need for coloured lenses.

• Super bright LEDs
• Energy saving – operates on 15% of the electrical power of a halogen light
• Long life span of over 70,000 hours
• Universal adaptor plate
• Dual Voltage, enabling connection to 12 or 24 volt systems

*Britestream White LED’s deliver 352 lumens of light.

Retrofit Connectors (IP68) Easy to use Retrofit Connector, is supplied in two sizes, one that suits 6mm & less and another 6mm & plus power cable.

Universal 1/4 Turn Twist-Lock Adaptor Plate Universal is included

1/4 Turn Twist-Lock Adaptor Plate is designed to adapt the Britestream to the following light fittings.

• AQ Aquaquip

• SE Spa Electric

• SW Swim World

• PR Pool Rite

• ST Stroud

Lights are one of the few items we don’t offer an installation service for, they are supplied only for customers who are happy to DIY

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