Waterco Supa Skimmerbox
Waterco Supa Skimmerbox

Waterco Supa Skimmerbox for Concrete Pools – Round

$265.00 (including GST)

Waterco Supa Skimmerbox  – Supaskimmer for Concrete Pools

The SupaSkimmer is a large capacity skimmer box which is ideal for use in large domestic, semi commercial and commercial swimming pools Because of its large capacity 5.9 litre debris collection it is also ideal for any swimming pool that is constructed in leafy environments.

Lock down leaf basket and vacuum plate – holds the leaf basket and vacuum plate firm Large capacity basket – 5.9 litres, over double the size of conventional skimmers

2 x 50mm bottom suction ports – less water flow restrictions 2 x 40mm side ports – ideal for wall mount cleaners

New child resistant safety lid – prevents child accidents Deeper body style – less chance of running pumping equipment dry

Built in overflow drain port to assist the prevention of flooding, during heavy rain

Note: Picture shown is an example of a Waterco Skimmer Box, for the specific details on this model please see the PDF Brochure which illustrates the pictures, the dimensions and features of each model of skimmer box to find a suitable skimmer box for your requirements

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