Zodiac EI2-25 cell R0710800

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Zodiac Genuine EI2 25 cell

Product Code R0710800

Self Cleaning Cell Replacement for Zodiac Ei2-Mid or Ei2-25 salt chlorinators

Can also be used with Zodiac Ei2-Compact chlorinators

Production: 25g/ hour chlorine gas equivalent

GTIN 9317545023731


Cleaning Your Zodiac EI2 Electrode


In areas that experience calcium hardness the Zodiac EI2 lectrode will benefit from cleaning from time to time


To clean your electrode Zodiac recommend you follow these steps

Turn off the chlorinator and the filtration system and close the isolation valves (if applicable), and disconnect the cell power cable.

Remove the cell and use a cell cleaning solution* cover all the electrode cell plates.

Leave the cleaning solution on to dissolve the scale deposit for about 10-15 minutes.

Store your cleaning solution in a safe place or dispose of according to your local council regulations, never pour it into the rainwater drainage system or into sewers.

Rinse the electrode using clean water and put back into position.

Open the isolation valves (if applicable) and restart the chlorinator and the filtration system

* If you do not use a commercially available cleaning solution on, you can manufacture it yourself by very carefully mixing 1 volume of hydrochloric acid with 9 volumes of water (Warning: always pour the acid into the water and not the opposite and wear suitable protective equipment).


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