Zodiac Robotic V/ VX 60 micron finer canister

$89.75 (including GST)

Zodiac New Finer 60 micron canister uses a finer mesh for finer filtering

  • This genuine part (canister/ basket) is suitable for Zodiac Evolux IQ 4000, 5000 & 6000, V3, V4, VX 40, VX42, VX 50, VX 55, VX65IQ Polaris 9300S Robotic Pool Cleaners

Note: Sizes available

  • 200 micron collects particles larger than 200 microns
  • 100 micron collects particles 100 microns and larger
  • 60 micron version collects particles that are larger than 60 microns

The smaller the number the finer the particles it will collect. A lot of customers like to have both a coarse and finer canister, as the finer one will capture smaller particles but then will block up quicker and need washing out more often.

NB Beach sand is normally 60 micron (0.3-60 micron)

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