Zodiac VX Robot Tune Up Kit

$159.00 (including GST)


This Tune Up kit contains the wear and tear spare parts which need to be replaced and maintained to increase longevity and performance of the cleaner.

Genuine Zodiac Spare Part

Kit includes

4 x Wheel Bearings (Wheel Bushing)

2 x 27th Teeth Gear

5 x Transmission Kits

2 x Outer Bearings (Set of 2)

1 x 17th Gear (set of 2)

1 x Roller Support

Suits: Zodiac VX40 / VX50 / VX55 / VX65IQ / V3 / V3 4WD, V4 4WD Robotic pool Cleaners.

Note:  Tune-Up to be performed by an Authorised and Trained Zodiac Dealer.


Useful Tips to Extend the Life of your Robotic Cleaner

  1. It is recommended you use the cleaner around 3 cycles per week, this will keep the pool clean and the filter less clogged.
  2. The ideal environment for the cleaner to operate in is: Chlorine < 3ppm, pH 6.8-7.6, temp 15-35 degrees
  3. It is recommended you remove the cleaner from the water and rinse, after each use, this can make a big difference to how long the components last.
  4. Test your water regularly, to keep the chemistry balanced.
  5. Clean the filter canister by hosing it out after each cycle, the mesh will last longer with this practice.
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