What a year it has been, I am not sure I can say 2020 will be remembered fondly but it has certainly been a challenge.

Thankfully we have been busier than ever here and the team I think is looking forward to a couple of days with family over Xmas break due to several of us working 7 days a week for so long now.

We want to thank our wonderful customers for their kind words and support over this year, it has been a pleasure assisting you.

We had a chance this week one evening to stop and have a meal together which was lovely.

For those who want to know our opening hours over Xmas break, please know we are doing our best to be open and help our regulars but also give some staff some much needed time with family, so we will be a little short staffed over the few days of Xmas.

We will be open

Thurs    24th Dec 9-4:30pm

Friday    25th Closed

Saturday 26th 9am-3pm with very limited staff

Sunday   27th 9am-3pm

Monday   28th Closed

Tuesday  29th back to normal

Friday Jan 1 Closed