The brand new EVOLUX range of Robotic Cleaners have arrived in store today.

With its Sensor Nav System™, the EVOLUX iQ™ robotic range identifies the configuration of your pool to optimise the cleaning path and cleaning time. The patented cyclone suction guarantees extremely powerful and long-lasting suction.

Thanks to the patented Lift System™, EVOLUX iQ™ is lighter when removing it from the water. Control your cleaner anywhere, anytime through the intuitive interface of the iAquaLink™ App

We have these on display in store along with a large range of other robotic cleaners so feel welcome to come in 9am-3pm weekends and 9am-5pm weekdays for a look.


Some of the many features include

Swivel Cable

Smartphone control

Sensor Nav System

Transparent lid so you can see the canister

LED lights make it easy to see inside even when the cleaner is submerged

Cleans walls, floor and waterline

Has a large 5L Canister so you don’t need to empty it as often as most robotic cleaners