Here is some photos of recently installations. The 2 items that customers enquire more about lately are the energy efficient variable speed pumps to save money on running costs and the heat pumps to allow people to use their pool for more months of the year.
Here is an example of the savings of an energy saving variable speed pump vs a traditional single speed pump
If you run your pool 6 hours a day
1.5hp pump (uses 1500 watts per hour) – costs approx $950 a year to run
Energy Efficient pump shown below – costs around $190 a year to run if you run it on medium mode and only around $100 a year on Eco mode.
That is a very large difference each year to your electricity bills, so it is well worth considering the more efficient pool pumps that all brands offer these days.
The cost of owning a cheap pump is far greater than people realise.
For most people, they may save $500 initially by buying a single speed pump but each year it is costing you well over that amount and after the average 5-6 year life of a pump you are thousands of dollars better off if you buy the efficient variable speed pump.