Here is a sample of some of the installations in the last few days

A customer decided they wanted to have a pre-filter device installed into their existing system to minimise the dirt getting through to their cartridge filter, extending the time between cleaning it out. This Waterco Multicyclone centrifugal filter is the most popular one and we have one on display in store

A customer had a pool and spa system that required one of the 2 pumps and one of the 2 filters to be replaced. They had the large CTX 500 pump for their spa and the Astral ZX150 Cartridge Filter on their pool which were replaced.

Another customer needed a Chemigem Tapping band replaced along with a 2 way valve, by getting photos of everything first we ensured we had all the right parts on hand to install and we quoted the exact amount so there was nothing unknown for the customer about the cost.

We had a customer this week who purchased a pH Perfect to go with his Zodiac TRI XO chlorinator he purchased and installed himself, the Zodiac pH Perfect is an acid dosing system and he did a lovely job of installing himself and here is some photos he kindly sent me

Another customer this week had a chlorine pool and wanted to convert to salt, but as he lived in the country part time, he wanted something that doses acid, but also wanted to keep it simple without the expense and hassle of replacing probes so for him the Astral EQ system suited his needs

We had another customer who wanted a simple self cleaning chlorinator system that we installed for her, the Astral E35 system for a larger sized pool

One of the most popular enquiries these days as customers who are finding that their single speed pool pump is costing them around 20% of the complete energy bill and wanting to replace them with a more efficient option like the Zodiac E3 or Astral Viron P320XT or Waterco Hydrostorm and many other options we have in store