For customers wanting the latest features available on Robotic Cleaners, the Evolux range provides them with the ideal cleaner.


Equipped with a Sensor Nav System™, the EvoluX iQ™ robotic pool cleaner learns your pool’s configuration to fully optimise the cleaning path and cleaning time.

Allows you to monitor your cleaner’s status with iAquaLink™ Control. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use and connects easily to the home Wi-Fi. You can even choose from pre-set and customised cleaning modes, including options for your pool by pool shape, cleaning intensity, cleaning area and duration.

The patented Lift System™ allows the cleaner to be lighter and completely effortless when it is removed from the water.

With easy access to the filter and the visibility of a transparent window, cleaning out the canister is made even easier

It has a large 5L canister so you don’t need to empty as often as most robotic cleaners

It has a swivel cable and 100 micron canister.