Saturn Series Heat Pump by Aquatight

Aquatight Saturn Series Smart Inverter Pool Heat Pump

What is a Saturn Smart Inverter?

Saturn Smart Inverter is the latest pool heat pump technology powered by a Smart Inverter compressor and fan motor. It can adjust heating capacity from 25% to 100% intelligently and automatically according to different heating demands.
When temperatures are cooler and heating demand is higher, the Saturn Smart Inverter will run with 100% compressor and fan speeds for fast heating. During most of the season when maintaining pool temperature, the Saturn Smart Inverter will run at lower speeds with a much higher and superior COP (Coefficient of Performance). This will deliver significant savings in power consumption and running costs.

Save your energy bill

Saturn Smart Inverter highest COP is 12 at Air 26°C/Water 26°C/Humidity 80%, which means 1kW of electricity consumption can provide you up to 12kW heat in return. Standard on/off heat pumps can only provide around 5kW of heat as it can only deliver a much lower COP.


Silent Operation

Thanks to a super quiet DC Smart Inverter compressor, special low-speed running philosophy of the compressor and fan motor, Saturn Smart Inverter can offer you super quiet operation by around 7d(B)A lower sound levels compared to a standard on/off heat pump.


Plus Much More

Soft Start Technology is incorporated into Saturn Smart Inverter units. Normal heat pumps will create a large current draw on your electrical system at initial start- up which can sometimes overload your electrical system. Soft Start Technology is designed to slowly draw required current from 0 Amps to the full rated current over a 2 minute period in order to help prevent overload and triggering your safety RCD switch.

Reverse cycle defrosting provides high efficient automatic defrosting in low temperatures.

Screwed Titanium Heat Exchanger provides up to 50% more efficiency in performance.

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Hi Nicole,
Our Davey sand filter developed an issue 8 years after we purchased from Best Price Pool Equipment. Following a call to you explaining the fault and a few photos we were contacted by Davey and a brand new unit was not just provided but installed by a Davey technician along with replacement zelbrite. Now that is service at its best! Thank you Davey and thank you Nicole, we have no hesitation in recommending businesses that stand behind their products and you both do that admirably.
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Now that is service at its best!

Hi Nicole
Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service in dealing with an issue regarding a sand filter. You were prompt in your response and facilitated a great out come with your product supplier.

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Thank you for your great customer service

Hi Nicole ,

Just wanted to say thank you again for your prompt and excellent service. I’ve installed the pump and it runs so smooth.



Thank you again for your prompt and excellent service

Thank you for helping me with my pool needs. In the end I got a replacement pump, chlorinator and filter and I was very impressed by the advice, service, price and installation given. You were fast and efficient and gave me what I wanted. Thank you Nicole and the team.

You were fast and efficient and gave me what I wanted.

Best Price … are the best! At everything – outstanding prompt service which is a rare quality these days, competitive prices and fast delivery. Dealing with Nicole via email for a couple of weeks was so easy and she responded to my enquiries almost immediately. Once I made my decision I rang Nicole and found her to be so pleasant and I knew I had made the right decision!! One very happy, satisfied customer! Recommend them for all your pool supplies!

She responded to my enquiries almost immediately
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