Ascon MS3D-UD Solar Controller

$349.00 (including GST)


Multi Solar Controller Up-Down

The MS3D-UD unit is designed to give you year round automatic control of your solar pool heating, employing a pump and a simple one pipe up, one pipe down solar collector. This is ideal for the replacement of any controller as you do not need to access the roof to change the sensor.

The unit contains a supercap backed up real time clock, so time and critical operation data is maintained after a short power failure.

The unit will periodically sense and determine if the water coming down from the solar collector can heat the pool. There is a black out period from a variable stop time between 2pm and 7pm to a fixed start time of 8am when no automatic pump operation can occur.


Solar Controller

Down pipe Sensor

Up pipe Sensor

Mounting kit and template

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