Davey Solarmatic Solar Controller with roof cable

$399.00 (including GST)

Davey Solarmatic Solar Heating Controllers (previously by Monarch) with 25m RCA roof cable

Davey SolarMatic allows you to capture the free heat from the sun to heat your pool.

It is a simple, automatic control of your solar pool and spa heating system.

It allows you to utilise your pool or swim spa for longer, effectively extending the swimming season.


Features include:

  • A fully weather-protected unitLarge digital display – pool, roof and set temperatures
  • Solar pump switching is relay free and contactless for reliability
  • System only operates when free heat is available
  • Auto-purge function flushes the system to keep it bacteria, mould, algae free when it is not in use

NB: It replaces the old beige Solarmatic Control box by Monarch Pool Systems



Product SKU M6600
Product GTIN 9321976128903
Product Solar Controller
Warranty Period 2 years
Inclusions 25m RCA roof cable
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SKU Code M6600 GTIN 9321976128903