Daisy 525 Micron Titanium Cool Silver Non Heating Pool Cover

$18.40 (including GST)

With its industry-first Titanium range,  the Titanium Cool Range by Daisy has  unique reflective properties meaning the 525 Titanium Cool – 525TC – will reflect the sun’s heat while not absorbing it into the pool cover material, so it transits virtual zero sunlight and heat into the water.

Due to latest Titanium advances the 525TC pool cover is made of a completely opaque material which acts as a total block-out of the sun. It utilises a unique reflective property in the top (flat) side of the pool cover bubble and reflects about 34% of heat and light but transmits virtually zero sunlight.

Evaporation and cooling control

This new non-heating material minimises evaporation, which will result in significant evaporation savings and allows better external heating control over the pool temperature. Modern colour looking better (and cooler) for longer Premium quality and fade resistant properties with the latest appearance to keep your pool cooler while using your pool cover during the summer months, making it the ideal choice for hot climates and indoor pools.

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