Davey Celsior Spa Bath Pumps


A standard feature of all Celsior products is Davey’s patented ‘heat maintenance technology’ that through the unique water jacket motor design, captures wasted motor heat and transfers it back into the water, keeping your bath water warmer for longer.The range includes standard heat maintenance as well as heat boost models, containing a heater element. Heat boost models are ideal for colder areas, where your spa bath water, may get cold very quickly.



  • Easy to Install Celsior® Flexibrax makes installing a spa bath pump quick and easy.
  • The Flexibrax flexible mounting device means the pump can now be installed directly onto a wall without the need for costly metal mounting brackets.
  • IP56 protective enclosures also make Celsior® the ideal choice for outdoor installations, and reduces the need for costly covers.
  • Free Heat Celsior® heat recovery technology maintains the temperature of the bath for longer by utilising waste energy which is otherwise lost when using traditional style spa pumps.
  • Whisper Quiet 50% quieter than older style pumps to provide a more enjoyable spa experience.
  • With pumps as large as 2HP, and three unique patented features, Celsior pumps deliver greater water flow and pressure, enlivening your spa for a complete massaging effect
  • Environmentally friendly & highly efficient with up to 97% effective energy usage
  • High efficiency impeller lowers running costs, delivering savings of up to 15% over older style spa bath pumps
  • Unique impeller neck ring increases water pressure and flow •  Designed to exceed standards for electrical safety, with up to 5 safety devices that monitor environmental and pump conditions
  • Designed to self-drain free of water after each use, prevents build up of stale unhygienic water for your peace of mind
  • ‘No water’ protection prevents heater operation if the pump is run in the absence of water
  • All Celsior models feature automatic shutdown protection if the pump is run without water or the suction is blocked
  • Quiet, high quality, heavy duty, Davey manufactured pump and motor ensures that the range is of the highest quality
  • Built-in automatic air bleed, enables air to be released from the pump, to assist priming performance in difficult installations


C200A – Flow rate 200lpm up to 4 jets. 690W

  • C200A –   Davey Celsior C200A Spa Bath Pump-    Air switch
  • C200AB – Davey Celsior C200AB Spa Bath Pump- Air switch, with 1kw Heat Boost element
  • C200TB – Davey Celsior C200TB Spa Bath Pump- Touchpad,  with 1kw Heat Boost element


C270 Model – Flow rate 270lpm. Up to 5-8 jets. 930W

  • C270A   – Davey Celsior C270A Spa Bath Pump- Air switch
  • C270AB – Davey Celsior C270AB Spa Bath Pump- Air switch, with 1kw Heat Boost element
  • C270TB – Davey Celsior C270TB Spa Bath Pump- Touchpad, with 1kw Heat Boost element


C400A  400lpm. Up to 9-12 jets. 1500W

  • C400A –   Davey Celsior C400A Spa Bath Pump- Air switch ,
  • C400AB – Davey Celsior C400AB Spa Bath Pump- Air switch,  with 1kw Heat Boost element
  • C400TB – Davey Celsior C400TB Spa Bath Pump- Touchpad,  with 1kw Heat Boost element
Performance Data
C200A  C270A  C400A C200AB  C270AB C400AB  C200TB   C270TB C400TB 
Flow Rate (lpm) 200 270 400 200 270 400 200 270 400
 No. of Jets Up to 4 5 to 8 9 to 12 Up to 4 5 to 8 9 to 12 Up to 4 5 to 8 9 to 12
Control Airswitch Airswitch Touchpad
Heating N/A Heat boost Heat boost
Heater Input (W) 1000
Effective Heating (W) 635 869 1410 1635 1869 2410 1635 1869 2410
Effective Energy Usage % 92 93.4 94 96.6 96.8 96.4 96.6 96.8 96.4



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