Kreepy Krauly Kleva Kleena Classic

The Klever Kleena is the ultimate in compact automatic pool cleaning systems. Its compact size means it can get into nooks and crannies in all types of pools and will never get stuck.

Unlike some pool cleaners, The Klever Kleena is programmed to automatically manoeuvre around all obstacles so you can just install and forget it. It does all the hard work for you. The Klever Kleena will clean your pool quickly and quietly.

As it has fewer working parts (no nuts, bolts or screws) than all other geared cleaners, the Klever Kleena will give you years of reliable service and comes with a full 2 year guarantee.

The “Autoskim” surface skimmer is an optional extra with this cleaner.


Intelligent Steering The Klever Kleena is designed to intelligently steer its way out of corners, stairs, and any obstacle your pool throws its way.

Attractive Compact Modern Design Owning a pool cleaner doesn’t have to be a sacrifice to style, with The Klever Kleena’s attractive modern design, your pool will be crystal clear and looking good.

Gentle Scrubbing Action The Klever Kleena scrubbing base gently removes dirt and algae from the pool surface as The Klever Kleena quietly and efficiently cleans your pool.

Full 2 Year System Warranty Ensures years of trouble free service from your Klever Kleena.

Simple Installation A quick and easy installation will have your pool spotless in no time.

Suitable for all Pools The Klever Kleena is specially designed for all pool shapes and surfaces and will keep your pool clean all year round.