Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus

Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus cleans the trickiest of pools with ease. Its flexible hose connector and geared steering system allow it to navigate tight corners and stairs without getting trapped.

It’s not only ‘unstickable’ it’s unstoppable. The straight through turbine creates a powerful vortex for maximum continuous suction. It can easily cope with the heaviest of leaf loads. With no wheels or tracks to jam and enclosed gears, not even sand and grit can slow a Sprinta Plus.



The Intelligent Steering System allows Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus to navigate the tightest corners and optimises coverage of your pool.


The vortex vacuum gives your pool a true top to bottom clean by sucking up sand and debris, scrubbing away calcium and algae build up, and powering the Smart-Skim to pull floating leaves and insects into the skimmer box.


The straight through turbine design means it can handle large debris and leaves with ease. It resists choking or jamming when the cleaning gets tough.UNBEATABLE WARRANTIES You have the assurance of a 2-year Full System Warranty and a 10-year Flow Turbine Warranty. This is your guarantee of years of reliable, continuous performance.

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Hi Nicole,
Our Davey sand filter developed an issue 8 years after we purchased from Best Price Pool Equipment. Following a call to you explaining the fault and a few photos we were contacted by Davey and a brand new unit was not just provided but installed by a Davey technician along with replacement zelbrite. Now that is service at its best! Thank you Davey and thank you Nicole, we have no hesitation in recommending businesses that stand behind their products and you both do that admirably.
Kind regards,

Now that is service at its best!

Hi Nicole
Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service in dealing with an issue regarding a sand filter. You were prompt in your response and facilitated a great out come with your product supplier.

Regards Murray

Thank you for your great customer service

Hi Nicole ,

Just wanted to say thank you again for your prompt and excellent service. I’ve installed the pump and it runs so smooth.



Thank you again for your prompt and excellent service

Thank you for helping me with my pool needs. In the end I got a replacement pump, chlorinator and filter and I was very impressed by the advice, service, price and installation given. You were fast and efficient and gave me what I wanted. Thank you Nicole and the team.

You were fast and efficient and gave me what I wanted.

Best Price … are the best! At everything – outstanding prompt service which is a rare quality these days, competitive prices and fast delivery. Dealing with Nicole via email for a couple of weeks was so easy and she responded to my enquiries almost immediately. Once I made my decision I rang Nicole and found her to be so pleasant and I knew I had made the right decision!! One very happy, satisfied customer! Recommend them for all your pool supplies!

She responded to my enquiries almost immediately
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