Saltigem SG30 Salt Chlorinator

Saltigem SG30 Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator SystemUnknown

 *SG30T model also available


  • The SG Salt Water Chlorinator is a fully-automated system and is proudly made in Australia.  The SG 30 produces 30g/hr  and has two additional timed power outlets.
  • A salt/mineral chlorinator works by putting a dc current through an electrolytic cell in a flow of salted water. Salt/minerals is made up of sodium/magnesium and chloride ions. Electrolysis of these salts produces chlorine gas, which dissolves almost instantly to form free chlorine in the water. This free chlorine is a highly effective sanitiser for your pool. The SG Series® constantly adds a dose of chlorine to the water over the operating period of the system. The amount of chlorine added depends upon the cell output and the running time. Generally, a salt water / mineral pool is run for around 8 hours per day in summer and 2 to 4 hours per day in winter. The summer operating periods are usually in the early morning and later evening. This allows a chlorine residual to build up for pool use during the day.What is included?
  • SG Series® Cell and Cell Cable
  • SG Series® Power Supply and Mains Cable
  • Tubing
  • Mounting brackets
  • User Manual
  • Mounting hardware (raw plugs, screws and paper template, etc)


*SG30T model has timed light outlets

Pool Light Outlet (optional) If your SaltiGem® has a light power outlet on its base, this can be used to run one or two 150W pool light power supplies. This outlet is timed, allowing pool lights to be set to come on and turn off automatically.

Auxiliary Power Outlet (optional) If your SaltiGem® has a third power outlet on its base, this can be used to run other pool equipment, such as an UV unit. This outlet is also timed, so accessories can be set to come on and turn off automatically

Optional Upgrade

You can upgrade your Saltigem system at anytime to pH monitoring (see PDF below) for information and feel welcome to email me for advice on this.


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30g/hr granular chlorine equivalent production


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