Zodiac Flo Pro 0.75hp Pump

We carry the range of Zodiac Flo Pro Pumps at our retail shop in SubiacoUnknown so please feel welcome to come and have a look and discuss the various models with us.

Zodiac FloPro Pool Pump Features & Benefits:

  • Features 50mm barrel unions for increased water flow resulting in better performance.
  • Equipped with an ergonomic cam lock lid with easy alignment indicators to ensure maintenance and everyday use is a breeze.
  • Backed by a 3 year warranty (2 years on the mechanical seal) you can be assured of many years of hassle free enjoyment.
  • The motor has an oversized capacitator to ensure consistent, reliable performance.
  • The design of the FloPro pool pump controls the flow dynamics within the pump resulting in less noise and quiet operation.
  • The body is made from quality Noryl Plastic – this type of plastic is being used within the car industry to replace some metal parts, making it durable and tough.

MODELS AVAILABLE (all same physical size)

0.75HP, 1.0HP, 1.5HP 2.0HP

Horse Power0.7511.52
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Input Power945 Watts1140 Watts1362 Watts1987 Watts
Full Load4.1 Amps4.8 Amps5.9 Amps8.4 Amps
Max Noise @1m56.4 dBA58.1 dBA58.6 dBA64.0 dBA


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