Zodiac TRI Genuine Compact Cell W197411

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Zodiac TRI Compact Cell W197411

Genuine Quality Part

Suits Zodiac Compact TRI and TRI XO salt chlorinators, to check the size of cell you need, the back of the control box will show the size required. It will show either Compact, Mid or Large.




Product SKUW197411
Product GTIN9317545003665
ProductSalt Cell Electrode Replacement
Warranty Period2 years
Self CleaningYes
Number of Plates11
Length of Plates46mm
Chlorine Gas Output18g/hour


Inspecting and Cleaning Your Zodiac TRI Electrode

In areas that experience calcium hardness the TRi-XO electrode will benefit from cleaning from time to time

To clean your electrode Zodiac recommend you follow these steps

  1. Switch off the filter pump and chlorine generator, close necessary valves and unplug the cell terminal cap.
  2. Unscrew the retaining ring and remove the electrode. If calcium buildup is present, immerse the electrode in cell cleaning solution without immersing the terminals.
  3. We recommend using a Salt Cell Cleaner to clean the electrode. However you can mix your own by carefully adding one (1) part of Hydrochloric acid to ten (10) parts water. Stronger solutions will shorten terminal life. Take great care when dealing with acid and always add acid to water, not water to acid
  4. Allow the cleaning solution to dissolve the calcium deposits for about 10 minutes. Dispose of the cleaning solution at an approved Council Depot and never into storm water or sewage drains.
  5. Rinse the electrode in clean water and re-fit the electrode in the cell housing.
  6. Replace the cell head and plug assembly and reset valves and switches. Turn pump and TRi-XO on.
  7. Confirm chlorine output and settings on the power pack. Timer settings will be automatically retained.


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