Astral E25 Salt Chlorinator

Automatically disinfects and sanitises pool and spa water

Self Cleaning and low maintenance

Australian made for Australian conditions

Simple and Affordable

Using the same platform as the renowned VX, the E Series simplifies the operation and functionality to provide a low cost, low maintenance salt chlorinator suitable for most sized residential swimming pools.

The easy to use touch pad enables complete control of your filter pump and sanitiser.

Simple to use, the E Series chlorinator allows you to select two timer periods each day to operate your pump and chlorine output levels from 1 to 8


The E Series incorporates many of the components of AstralPool’s premium chlorinators to ensure high levels of durability and long life in the tough Australian environment. The LCD display is specially constructed to withstand high temperature and UV radiation and all electronic components are mounted on engineered heat sinks to maximize cooling and long life.

Available in two sizes, the E 25 is suitable for pools up to 60,000 litres In Perth and the E35 is suitable for pools up to 90,000 litres in Perth.

Salt Level required is 4100-8000ppm

How to connect your E25 cell


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