Autochem Chemistry Automatic Dosing System

Automatic Water Management ControllerUnknown

Autochem will operate on any pool or spa no matter what type or size. It will automatically deliver the exact amount of chemicals to perfectly control your chlorine and ph levels


Safe & Healthy Water for Pools & Spas 365 days a year

The Ultimate series incorporate warning systems to tell you when to refill chemical drums, or if there is any type of malfunction or if service is required. It will even tell you how and how long to backwash your filter for the very best results.

The Autochem Ultimate is exceptionally user friendly, very easy to install and incorporates a time clock to control your entire filtration system.

At last – a low maintenance and convenient way of maintaining chlorine & ph levels at all times, automatically.

Manufactured in Australia for Automated Pool Products.

1. Automatically and continually tests chlorine & pH levels.

2. Visual & audible alarm system.

3. Automatic Summer/Winter modes.

4. Set & forget operation.

5. Heavy duty “Peristaltic” pumps for reliable and efficient operation.

6. No over-feeding of chemicals.

7. Ensures correct backwash and waste operation of filter for best results.

8. Suitable for fresh or salt water pools.

9. Three year pro rata warranty on probes and 12 months warranty on control unit.

10. Automatically adjusts for heavy bathing loads.

11. Easy to install – fittings can be before or after the pool pump.

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Autochem CP3000